Our Board of Directors

Mr. Babry Oren

Mr. Babry Oren was born in the Heart of Georgia, City of Tskhinvali. Babry has Studied in the Tbilisi State University and Tel-Aviv Institute of Export.


In 2008 Mr. Babry Oren  founded BAO Health Resources Corp.in the USA. Since then he holds a patent with Late Georgian Academician Vazha Khositashvili and his son Levan, PhD. Since that time Babry Oren and his team of scientists have created and developed Folium Immuno (patented in the USA and Georgia) and Folium-Relax (patent pending) and has distributed and sold in over 50 countries of all 6 Continents Worldwide.

Just recently his company won in England a Prestige Award 2021/2022 as the Nutritional Supplement Company of the Year!

Frank Cousineau

Mr. Cousineau is President of the Cancer Control Society and President of the Cancer Victors Society. He is also the author of several books on successes in Alternative Medicine, including: Cancer Defeated: How rich and poor alike get well in foreign clinics; and Cancer Breakthrough USA: The little-known American clinics that turn around even “hopeless” cancer.

Dr. David Dzamukashvili, PhD

Advisor – Director, Legal Affairs and Patents
As an accomplished lawyer specializing in Intellectual Law, Dr. Dzamukashvili possesses extensive experience and knowledge of Georgia’s Patenting and Licensing procedures. He currently serves as the Deputy Director General of Georgia’s National Center for Intellectual Property, as well as Associate Professor of Intellectual Property Law at the Tbilisi State University on Economic Relations. After obtaining degrees in both Engineering from the Byelorussian Polytechnic Institute in 1971 and Intellectual Property from Moscow’s Central Institute in 1979, he earned his Ph.D. in Juridical Sciences and Civil Law from the Tbilisi State University in 1995. He has served as Head of the Patent Department at the Institute for Scientific and Technical Information in Tbilisi, where he managed patent and licensing activity in Georgia.