About 5 years ago after listening to an interview with alternative cancer doctor Dr. Leonard Coldwell on Coast to Coast, I decided to have a heavy metal urine test, which one can do in a few minutes at home. According to Dr. Coldwell, heavy metal toxicity is a major cause of stress on the body which in turn will cause cancer and other diseases. Because of the unusual amount of basel cell carcinomas I had been experiencing I was searching for answers to this extreme problem.

At this time I could not open my right eye because of tumors surrounding the entire eye socket, from which, over the past couple years I have removed close to 20 tumors and lesions, and another 8-10 from my face, as well as about 60+ from my back, chest, shoulders and rib cage. The home test showed that I was off the charts heavy metal toxic. Three hair analysis tests through my doctor showed heavy levels of uranium in particular. Per the recommendation of my doctor, I completed four detoxes within about 18 months, the most recent being several months ago. After retesting my heavy metal levels, the results showed zero heavy metal toxins. The before and after results are very compelling, and I will retest in a couple of months.

Thank you so very much.

Joan Glover, Thousand Oaks, CA

I volunteered as a Disaster Response Member of the American Red Cross after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and there was some question about the possibility of toxic exposure. There was extensive mold, and God knows what was in half of the water supply. In fact, it wasn’t until the first week that that we were even advised it was safe to take a shower with the water in the area, so there was a considerable amount of toxic materials all over the place. Later on, I had a hair sample taken and a blood sample taken to figure out if I had been exposed or not. The first test showed a very high level of Uranium, Radium and Barium. The doctor had recommended that I enroll in this trial they were doing with FoliumpX. I was instructed to return for follow up testing after about a month or so of taking the product. The test showed those levels had come down to virtually nothing. It was actually kind of surprising because I know Uranium is a very difficult element to rid the body of. I did notice the extra energy that I received from taking the product and I did feel a lot better. At that particular moment in my life I was experiencing for whatever reason extra allergies and phlegm, resulting in a lack of sleep because of the difficulty breathing. However, after taking the Folium pX it actually went away a considerable amount. I had a lot more energy after taking the product probably after about the first week. Considering it has an upside and really no downside that I am aware of from my experience, I would recommend Folium pX because it works.

Roy Vargas, American Red Cross Disaster Response

Roy Vargas, American Red Cross Disaster Response

I was dizzy. I had headaches. I had lower back muscle pain and even pain in the muscles in my shoulders.I started exploring alternative health treatments because all my regular doctors wanted to do is give me pain medication rather than find what is causing the problem.

When I started seeing an alternative doctor, he found that I was high in a lot of metals, such as aluminum, cadmium, mercury, and a several others. I tried a few nutrient supplements at first, but nothing had much of an effect, so when I started taking the Folium pX. I immediately noticed that I was feeling better, and within a couple of weeks I noticed a significant difference. I took a hair analysis test, and it showed that the Folium pX was indeed working.

My energy level has gone back to almost normal and I am not dizzy anymore. I don’t have the muscle pains where I did and every day I can tell that I am feeling a lot better. I didn’t notice any side effects in taking the Folium pX. I would recommend it for anybody having problems with toxic metals because they can really make you feel very sick. I’m feeling alive and more energetic than I have in years because it really works and it has made me feel so much better.

Carol Campbell, Southern California