Folium pX

Folium pX


Folium pX is an all natural clinically studied and developed to combat toxic heavy metals, radiation poisoning, and free radicals. It works to support the body build up a healthy immune system from environmental toxins. The core formula in Folium pX includes pine barks, grape-seed extracts, flowers, and other natural ingredients.

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Pine Barks (Needles, Bark, Cone)

Grape-Seed Extracts

Other Ingredients

90 Capsules per bottle

Folium pX recommends that parents always consult their doctors before giving children dietary supplements.

The recommended dosage of Folium pX is three 450 mg capsules 3 times per day for alternating 30 day periods. The maximum benefit can be achieved through alternating each month for six months of supplementation over a 12-month period.

Following completion of this initial period, the individual can then use the supplement two months out of each year, doing so over the course of a three month period, alternating one month on and one month off.

This supplement inactivates free radicals and the alternating months allows an individual’s body to naturally restore its positive components.

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