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Supports a Healthy Immune System

Folium pX is a revolutionary capsule originally formulated for the victims of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. It supports a healthy immune system. Clinically tested to remove excessive heavy metals.

The Product

Folium pX is made from natural ingredients such as pine barks and grape seed extract.

How It Works

Take 1 capsule 3 times daily, preferably at the same time each day, 15 – 30 minutes before meals, with 4 ounces of water. The product is administered over a one year period. Users follow a protocol of alternating months with 30 days of ingesting capsules and 30 days of abstinence.

What is Folium pX?

Folium pX, is an all-natural, liquid preparation created by master herbal scientists in a region of the former Soviet Union known for its excellence in alternative medicine. Our proprietary formula combines plants, herbs and flowers that contain powerful super-antioxidant oligomeric proanthocyanidans (OPCs) and a strong Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC).

How Can You Benefit from Folium pX?

Folium pX was developed with the specific objective of inactivating free radicals as well as promoting the body’s natural excretory and detoxification response to toxins and heavy metals.


A hectic lifestyle and not eating right will weigh you down. Boost your energy, feel lighter, and improve your immune system when you incorporate Folium pX as part of your daily supplement


Mercury depletes magnesium which is a cause of premature ejaculation. Mercury is a heavy metal which causes magnesium depletion, poor sexual health, and lower testosterone level. Removing heavy metals and toxins can allow the body including sexual function to perform better.


When you detox, you feel good emotionally and physically. After a good detox, you feel good, good things happen. How is your confidence? Detoxing helps you to be more confident about yourself. It gives you moral support and tells you to believe in yourself. After detoxing your intuition becomes much stronger. Detoxing can help you to relax, less stress, more productivity at work and renewed zest for life.


Toxins bombardment are everywhere and is a causative factor to the aging process. You can improve and minimize the effect of free radicals onto your body with proper diet, daily activities, and detoxing. When you include Folium pX, a super antioxidant dietary supplement, you are helping to get rid of excessive toxic heavy metals


When you cleanse your body, you are helping to improve and build a stronger immune system. Your body is better able to absorb more nutrients like vitamin C.

What Others Have to Say About Folium pX?

The home test showed that I was off the charts heavy metal toxic. Three hair analysis tests through my doctor showed heavy levels of uranium in particular. Per the recommendation of my doctor, I completed four detoxes within about 18 months, the most recent being several months ago. After retesting my heavy metal levels, the results showed zero heavy metal toxins.

Joan Glover, Thousand Oaks

I had a lot more energy after taking the product probably after about the first week. Considering it has an upside and really no downside that I am aware of from my experience, I would recommend Folium pX because it works.

Ron Vargas

I tried a few nutrient supplements at first, but nothing had much of an effect. So when I started taking the Folium pX I immediately noticed that I was feeling better and within a couple of weeks, I noticed a significant difference. I took a hair analysis test and it showed that the Folium pX was indeed working. I’m feeling alive and more energetic than I have in years because it really works and it has made me feel so much better.

Carol Campbell

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We are 100% Confident in Folium pX because of our clinical data.

Folium pX has been tested on cancer patients and has helped to increase their white blood cells count.

Our dietary supplement has shown to remove over 40% excessive heavy metals including uranium, mercury, barium, silver, and cadmium levels from patients according to Dr. Privitera.

You have nothing to lose!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with Folium pX!

     Follium pX